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Recruit and Internship Program


We are looking for highly motivated people who can challenge new businesses in Kuala Lumpur.

●Job Category

・Consultant (Incorporation, Labour issue, Business Research and others)
・Legal Advisor (Drafting contracts, Legal Research and others)


・Candidate should have English or Asian languages (except Japanese) ability for business or commit to make efforts to acquire it.
・Japanese or foreign attorney qualification is advantage, yet people who have legal knowledge may apply
・Handling multitask is required

Working Conditions: Negotiable
・Internal activities
・An annual office trip
・Regular Internal Dinner Party


・We welcome people who are eager to lean in a foreign country and working conditions are flexible. Students and short-term involvement is also welcomed.

Required Documents
1.CV (standard CV format. Microsoft Word, PDF (scanned handwriting) and excel are acceptable)
2. Transcript (latest one at the time of submission)
 Master Degree holder or candidate is required to submit the transcript of Bachelor Degree
3. Certificate of Graduation or Graduation Letter

How to Apply
Please send the required documents mentioned above to the addresses below. In case you don’t receive any contact from us in a week after submission, please contact us.

Email address: info@tnygroup.biz

* CV and documents are not used for any other purposes