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Recently, an increasing number of Japanese companies are accelerating their expansion into international markets. Malaysia, especially, is one of the core countries of ASEAN and the GDP per capita is third highest following Singapore and Brunei. Multiethnic population lives together and Muslim based restrictions are relatively moderate although majority of the population is Muslim. The environment promotes many Japanese companies to be interested in obtaining the halal certification or Islamic finance.

Generally, Malaysia is the country which is friendly toward Japan and many Japanese companies conduct business in Malaysia, however, foreigners often encounter difficulties on different situations as there are many differences in language, religion, culture, legislation. Many of them hesitate to access business professionals and finally ask for consulting advice only after they face a problem for real.

We founded TNY to provide high quality of service and be easily accessed with cooperation between Japanese with abundant experience of international consulting service. As TNY has affiliated offices in Thailand, Myanmar and Osaka, Japan, we provide services based on experiences gained in these countries and in comparison with practices in other countries. We are pleasure and honored to contribute to support Japanese companies to expand the business in Malaysia and further development of Japan and Malaysia.